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Period Sex or Earning Your Red Wings

Mandisa: Time for real talk.

Period Sex.

When you’re a lady, who was born a lady, and stays a lady in both mind and body and hasn’t gone through menopause and still has her uterus (phew!) you will get a visitor every month or so. And this visitor - Aunt Flo - she’s a real bitch. 

Flo makes you feel like crap, stains your clothes, and kills your sex life. Maybe.

The term ‘earning your red wings’ refers specifically to the act of cunnilingus during menstruation. I could link to some websites right now, but I won’t. I’ve done enough filthy googling for today. Suffice it to say, for some men (I only see men out there in the interwebs pimping this practice) it seems to be a badge of honor to pleasure their lady while she’s riding the Crimson Wave.

Personally, nothing makes me feel less sexy than my period. Nothing. It’s not even about the ick factor, I just feel like complete hell/someone is repeatedly punching me in the vag for days. For freaking days. So no, I would never want to have sex in the first few days of the Dot. 

After that? I dunno. Depends on three factors:

  1. Have I had sex recently?
  2. Will the opportunity for sex come again next week?  
  3. How much Crimson is in my Crimson Wave?


Thoughts, Sally?

Concurred…almost!  There’s nothing that can make me feel less sexy than that time of month, but periods are a twisted, cruel mistress.  After the day one cramps have subsided and the real hemorrhaging begins I want nothing more than to have some sweet lovin’ time.  Alas I feel way too uncomfortable to act on those feelings.  Sigh.  I respect my sheets too much to do that to them.

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